Look inside a Castle

This book has an interesting background as it made it to our personal collection not because any of my kids, but me. I’ve always been fascinated by castles from the Medieval era, so when I saw it in a bookstore, I thumbed through it within seconds, and the kids also wanted it when they saw me holding it. What’s not to like about castles? Girls think about princesses and boys think about knights. It’s a no brainer to buy it.

What’s curious is that this particular book is not available from Usborne US website so if you’re interested in getting it, you need to buy it from an independent bookstore or Amazon.


As the typical “look inside” collection, children can see many parts of a castle from the exterior and if they open the flaps, they can see the interiors along with what kind of activities people typically do in a castle.


  • Living in a castle
  • Walled in
  • Castle kitchen
  • Tournament day
  • Becoming a knight
  • Siege!
  • Hawking and hunting
Size7¾ x 8¾
SeriesLook Inside
AuthorConrad Mason
IllustratorBarry Ablett

Just a bit of a warning on the Siege! section, as the book tries to depict an attack of the castle, you see some images where people got shot with arrows and typical war situation. It was nothing graphic and I personally did not find this to be an issue with my 3-year old looking at it. In fact, when he asked a lot of questions about it, we took it as an opportunity to enforce what we’ve learned about the reality of the Fall in Genesis 3.

But some young children could be sensitive about this topic and as parents, you will be the best judge if and when you want to let your child to see.

With beautiful illustration, one of the reasons why Usborne books are so great, this book can certainly be used as a tool to teach children about the Middle Ages in Europe and how people lived that time.


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