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Christ Our Hope in Life and Death

The Life of Christ Quintology In time where all you hear is bad news, there's nothing better to listen to (or singing) a good hymn...

Big Book of the Body

This particular book from Usborne's Big Book collection will amaze your kids with its giant fold-out pages that show pictures of how human body...

Wipe-Clean Under the Sea Activities

If you’re on the look out for a preschool age activity book that is colorful and not too overwhelming, the wipe clean activity book...

Talk to Kids About COVID-19

Just within the past couple days, we've received more bad news about COVID-19. In the beginning, we would just tell our children about an...

Look inside a Castle

This book has an interesting background as it made it to our personal collection not because any of my kids, but me. I've always...

What are Germs?

This lift-the-flap type book from Usborne House is a good one to introduce in light of the newly declared pandemic of Corona virus (COVID-19)...

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