What are Germs?

This lift-the-flap type book from Usborne House is a good one to introduce in light of the newly declared pandemic of Corona virus (COVID-19) and what we need to teach our young children on how to protect themselves by having practicing good hygiene.

We found this book particularly useful for us to use as a visual tool to teach them about germs and ultimately why washing hands is important if they don’t want to get sick.

The information is presented in a very interesting way where there is some interaction for your kids to lift a flap to see more as they move along throughout the book. I found this very clever as it incite the children’s curiosity to find out more


  • What are germs?
  • Where do germs live?
  • How do germs spread?
  • Can my body fight germs?
  • How do medicines help?
    • Where do medicines come from?
  • How can I stop germs?

This book was written with the advice from Public Health England and suitable for age 2+.

Size6½ x 7¾
SeriesLift-the-Flap Very First Questions and Answers
AuthorKatie Daynes
IllustratorMarta Álvarez Miguéns

We think this is a good book for younger children as they start learning a little bit more about the reality of microorganism around us.


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